New name

Plant Sugar Cane, the origin of rum.
Ray the Sun, being open to people, the heritage and savoir faire of rum

Why have we made the decision to evolve our name? In response to the ongoing global conversation on racial equality, Plantation and Maison Ferrand acknowledge the potentially hurtful connotation associated with the word “plantation,” particularly due to its connection with darker historical realities. We have announced the evolution of the brand name.

Why Planteray Rum?

  • This name respects the essence of the brand, its DNA, and core values, which have been upheld for over 25 years.
  • Planteray Rum evokes essential elements for our brand, our raison d’être, embracing the plant at the origin of rum, sugarcane, along with the terroirs and their associated heritage. It also symbolizes the sun, radiance, reflecting an openness to the world and a sharing of knowledge
  • Our core symbols are the Totem and the Radiance, representing people, the cane and the sun’s rays – all the elements that are needed to make amazing rum.