Our mission

Celebrate the diversity
of rum



Since day one, Planteray Rum has explored the great terroirs of rum around the world. With authentic expressions from the Caribbean – where rum was first crafted in Barbados in 1651 – to the Indian and Pacific oceans, each rum embodies the character and identity of its land of origin.

Rum is a story of ancestral “savoir-faire” – techniques and expertise are passed down through generations. Planteray Rum honors these traditions by reviving forgotten fermentation and distillation methods and resurrecting antique stills to craft artisanal rums once again. And of course, our signature double-ageing technique has deep roots in the long history of rum.

Planteray rums in their distinctive raffia-wrapped bottles are an ode to creativity and innovation. We collaborate with local distillers to develop unique flavor profiles, experiment with ingredients and techniques, and redefine the ageing process to coax the very best out of each barrel. As a small family-owned business, we never stop exploring, learning, and sharing our knowledge to push the boundaries of what rum can be.

Rum is also a story of ancestral “savoir-faire”


The centuries-old tradition of double ageing, starting in tropical climates and crossing oceans for a second phase in the temperate south-west of France, gives Planteray rums their distinctive character. Rums from diverse terroirs arrive in their original ex-bourbon barrels, and we transfer them to carefully selected French oak casks that once held Ferrand spirits to double-age in our cellars. Truly the best of both worlds!

double-age rums from diverse terroirs.

The art of blending ties together all the elements of great rum by harmonizing and amplifying flavors. For Planteray Rum Master Blender Alexandre Gabriel, rums of diverse origins, ages and styles are his palette of colors, which he combines to create distinctive, richly layered expressions – each one a singular work of art.

In 2012, Alexandre was recognized for this work at the prestigious Golden Rum Barrel Awards with the award for Best Rum Master Blender, and Planteray rums continue to collect honors year after year from some of the most prestigious spirits competitions in the world.

It takes a community to make a great rum. Sugarcane growers, fermentation experts, experienced distillers, cellar masters, talented mixologists, passionate “rum geeks” – all are members of Planteray’s global rum family and part of the great diversity of rum.

Safeguarding the rum ecosystem




Sustainability is part of who we are at Planteray Rum. We are committed to protecting the environment and the people who make up our global rum family.


Carbon Neutral

Planteray Rum is part of the Maison Ferrand family of fine spirits producers. Maison Ferrand is the proud proprietor of Stade’s West Indies Rum Distillery, the largest distillery in Barbados, which celebrated 130 years of rum making in 2023. The distillery is on track to be 100% carbon-neutral by 2030 and uses photovoltaic panels to harness solar energy and convert it to electricity, providing a clean and renewable source of power.


certified by Bonsucro

Stade’s West Indies Rum Distillery is also the first distillery in the Caribbean to achieve Bonsucro’s Chain of Custody certification, which guarantees consumers that the sugarcane used to make its rums is produced, sourced and traded responsibly.

Stade’s West Indies Rum Distillery partnered with the West Indies Sugar Cane Breeding Station (WISCBS), which develops new sugarcane varieties for improved yield, quality, and resilience, to build the Harper Sugarcane Mill, a source of cane juice for joint research on specially adapted cane varieties. Stade’s Distillery also supports Barbadian coconut farmers to grow local, sustainably farmed coconuts for our Planteray Cut & Dry rum.

The team

Our Team

First and foremost, Planteray Rum is a family business with a small but incredibly dedicated team of rum lovers. Creating delicious rums to share with our community, learning and experimenting, dreaming big while keeping our feet on the ground: this is why we wake up every day.

Owner & master blender
Alexandre gabriel

Alexandre Gabriel is Owner & Master Blender of Maison Ferrand and Stade’s West Indies Rum Distillery, the world’s leading independent producer of artisanal spirits, including Ferrand Cognac and Dry Curaçao, Citadelle Gin, Canerock Rum, Stade’s Rum and Planteray Rum. He has been named Distiller of the Year by The American Distilling Institute, Master Rum Blender of the Year at the Golden Rum Barrel Awards and Top Rum Leader by the Ultimate Awards and The Rum Lab, among many other accolades.

Alexandre has spent over 25 years circumnavigating the globe to collaborate with fellow rum makers. In each terroir he forges friendships with local growers and distillers who share his love for rum excellence. Together, they develop and select their most unique rums to include in the Planteray Rum collection.

Alexandre “CEO AWARD” 2023

Maison Ferrand is the proud proprietor of Stade’s West Indies Rum Distillery, the backbone of Barbados rum and a place close to Alexandre Gabriel’s heart. Stade’s was founded in 1893 by George Stade – a genius mind and a visionary distiller with multiple patents to his name – who dreamed of making the best rum in the world with his state-of-the-art column still and judicious blending of both pot and column distillates. This innovation continues to define the “Barbados style” beloved by rum fans, and it all started with George Stade.

At Stade’s West Indies Rum Distillery, Alexandre found kindred spirits. General Manager Andrew Hassell spends countless hours combing through the Distiller’s Vault, uncovering forgotten rum-making techniques and tracing the three-century history of Barbados rum. Inveterate experimenter and Master Distiller Don Benn orchestrates an incomparable collection of historic pot and column stills to create a vast array of rum styles. His colleague Digger, a four-decade veteran at the distillery like his father before him, brought the dormant Vulcan triple-chamber still back to life when no one else could remember how to work it!

Stade’s West Indies Rum Distillery is also a co-owner of National Rums of Jamaica, which includes the storied Clarendon and Long Pond distilleries and a fantastic team that shares our love for the special character of Jamaican rum.

The Planteray team in France, where our rums are treated to our signature double-ageing process, tends to the precious barrels in “Satgé Cellars,” named for the Cellar Master Emeritus who presided over the resting rums for many years. Here Alexandre Gabriel, flanked by group of PhDs and fellow rum geeks that he likes to call the “Research & Creation Team,” applies his expertise as Master Blender to create original expressions that bring out all the beauty and incredible diversity of rum.


“What fascinates me about rum is the deep sense of terroir, rooted in nature and culture and methods established over the course of centuries. Each country, each island has its own distinctive characteristics and I have made it my life’s mission to celebrate them with Planteray rums.”
Alexandre Gabriel, Planteray Rum Founder and Master Blender