The diversity of rum

Permanent editions

Bar classics

Planteray Rum Bar Classics were developed by our Master Blender, Alexandre Gabriel, hand-in-hand with bartenders, rum connoisseurs and world-renowned historians.​ Perfect for cocktails and fans of authentic high-quality rums.
Over the past decade, Planteray Rum was named nine times to the "Bartenders' Favorites" top three brands by Drinks International!
Planteray Rum Bar Classics were developed by our Master Blender, Alexandre Gabriel, hand-in-hand with bartenders, rum connoisseurs and world-renowned historians.​

Signature blends

Planteray Rum Signature Blends celebrate the great terroirs of rum in our instantly recognizable raffia-wrapped bottles. From Barbados and Jamaica, to Guatemala and Belize, to Fiji and Mauritius, our Master Blender Alexandre Gabriel has spent almost 30 years seeking out truly special rums that reflect local traditions.
Each rum he selects matures in its original terroir, then travels to France to be double aged in ex-Ferrand barrels – the Planteray signature – and blended to perfection.

Premium blends

Planteray Rum Premium Blends offer distinctive character and sophisticated complexity that reflect our expertise in ageing and blending rums. These expressions are the perfect marriage of double-aged rums from a variety of terroirs, each one an experience to share with friends and loved ones.

Rare and unique rums

Limited editions

Single casks

Planteray Rum Single Cask limited editions push boundaries with totally unique rums that have been double-aged in Planteray’s signature style, then finished with a third maturation in beer, wine or spirit casks – each selected to enhance the rum's individual personality. Planteray pioneered the practice of cask finishing for rum over 15 years ago, setting a new standard for ageing excellence. The Single Cask project is a chance to experiment and share ideas, taste and learn with fellow producers from Teeling Whiskey to Ocho Tequila. We swap our barrels (and knowledge!) with them so our friends can treat their own products to a final step in ex-rum casks. The Single Cask range is new and different every year... attention collectors!

Latest release
Vintage series

Indulge in the unparalleled taste journey offered by Planteray Rum's vintage collection. Each edition is a testament to the diversity of rum production, showcasing one-of-a-kind selections from across the globe. Carefully curated by our Master Blender Alexandre Gabriel, these collections spotlight rare finds, with only a handful of casks chosen to represent a specific vintage and the unique fermentation or distillation techniques of their origin.
Each bottle is a celebration of terroir, capturing the essence of its birthplace. Bottled at around 50% ABV, these rums deliver an authentic expression of flavor, inviting enthusiasts to savor every sip. Planteray Rum vintage collections promise a sensory adventure like no other, inviting you to explore the rich tapestry of rum's heritage with each exquisite pour.

Latest release
Extreme series

Planteray Rum Extreme Series is a collection of the finest barrels selected by Planteray’s Cellar Masters. These standouts contain rums of such extreme excellence that they are able to be bottled exactly as is, each with its own unique profile and unrivalled character.

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