Vintage - Limited Edition


Distilled in 2010, Plantation Venezuela was first aged for 8 years in ex-bourbon barrels in the cellars of Destilería Sofa. The 22 barrels selected by Alexandre Gabriel then made the sea voyage to Javrezac, in the Charente region of France, where the rum was aged for an additional 4 years in Ferrand French oak casks. In the Plantation signature style, this double ageing technique highlights the deeply expressive and complex appeal of this 12-year-old Venezuelan rum. Its assertive personality perfectly reflects the richness of the Venezuelan terroir and the savoir-faire of the experts at Destilería Sofa.

Vintage series 2022


Category Vintage - Limited Edition

ABV. 52% alc./vol.

Origin Venezuela – Destilería Sofa

Raw material Molasses

Fermentation 2-3 days

Distillation Column still

Year of Distillation 2010

Tropical ageing 8 years in 200L bourbon casks

Continental ageing 4 year in 400L Ferrand casks

Volatile substances 57 g/hL AA

Esters 26 g/hL AA

Dosage 0 g/L

Cane sugar caramel E150a (% vol) None

Tasting notes


Delicate and rich, nutmeg, honey, vanilla, mandarin, coconut, Brazil nuts and coffee with light floral notes


Spicy and woody profile with notes of peanuts, tobacco, almond, oak, pepper with crème brûlée, pineapple and dried banana.


Long and dry on hazelnut, leather, mango, orange, banana and cloves.