Maturation Ocho Tequila


Single casks 2018


Alc./Vol. 44.8%

Origin Guyana

Distillation Year 1998

Raw material Molasses

Fermentation 1 week

Distillation Pot still (Port Mourant)

Tropical Ageing 17 years in Bourbon casks

Continental Ageing 2 years in Ferrand casks

Maturation 1 year in Ocho Tequila cask

Volatile Substances 255 g/hL AA

Esters 56 g/hL AA

Dosage 4 g/L

Cane sugar caramel E150a (% vol) No caramel added

Tasting notes


Complex, it starts on an ultra añejo tequila profile with cooked agave, lemon juice, lime peel, pepper, toasted almond, vanilla, pecan nut and then evolves on persimmon, nougat, date, mango and ginseng.


Fat and full, it follows the nose with a tad oakier and balsamic profile at first. Thereafter it evolves on cocoa, olive, cloves, tar, raisins and toffee notes with some saltiness.


Very long on molasses, tobacco and liquorice.