Vintage - Limited Edition

FIJI 2005

Vintage series 2020


Exchanges of cultures and knowledge, innumerable tastings and passionate discussions between Alexandre Gabriel and Liam F. Costello at the Rum Co. of Fiji resulted in this rum.

Distilled entirely in triple column stills and aged for 14 years in Bourbon casks in the mild climate of the Fiji Islands, this rum developed an expansive palette of different flavors. Building on this is Plantation Rum’s proprietary second maturation, for Fiji Vintage 2005 this means one year spent maturing in Ferrand French oak barrels in the House’s cellars in Cognac.

Gabriel and Costello’s curation of casks in Fiji followed by this final ageing process in a continental climate, gives Fiji Vintage 2005 its unique character, aroma and flavor. Each step of the way, both the Fiji and the French teams worked hand in hand.


Category Vintage - Limited Edition

Alc./Vol. 50,2%

Origin Fiji - Tum Co. of Fiji

Raw material Molasses

Fermentation 4-5 days

Distillation Triple Column Still

Year of Distillation 2005

Tropical ageing 14 years in 200L Bourbon cask,

Continental ageing 1 year in 350L Ferrand casks

Volatile substances 266,4 g/hL AA

Esters 99,1 g/hL AA

Dosage 4 g/L

Cane sugar caramel E150a (% vol) between 0% and 0.1%

Tasting notes


Intense, it starts on a fruity and spicy profile with/ cooked apple and prune, cinnamon and hints of galangal. It then evolves on golden syrup, pear, vanilla, and nutmeg,

Empty glass

Gingerbread, cocoa, and prune.


Mellow, it follows the nose with fudge milk chocolate, nuts, licorice an ginger.


Lingering, on allspice, golden syrup, and galangal.

Perfect Serve

A great sipping rum