Maturation Mackmyra Whisky Reserve


Single casks 2018


Alc./Vol. 40.2%

Origin Barbados

Distillery West Indies Rum Distillery

Distillation Year 2011

Raw material Molasses

Fermentation 3-4 days

Distillation Pot Still & Twin Column

Tropical Ageing 5 years in Bourbon casks

Continental Ageing 1 year in Ferrand casks

Maturation 1 year Mackmyra Reserve cask, 30L

Volatile Substances 175 g/hL AA

Esters 21 g/hL AA

Dosage 20 g/L

Cane sugar caramel E150a (% vol) No caramel added

Tasting notes


At first the single malt whisky dominates with a malty and fruity profile, mostly of peach and caramel. Then it becomes spicier with cinnamon, grassier with coriander, and there is a delicate note of fresh vanilla. Finally, it evolves on a citrusy note with some pear.


The first sips have a good balance between the malt whisky and the rum, with a fruity and grassy profile of lemon verbena and refreshing mint balanced by very fine tannins. Then follow green walnut, passion fruit and some light meaty and camphor notes.


Long and quite dry with lingering tannins on Jamaican pepper, pear, citrus and some light wood smoke.